Photo News: BukWild Da Ikwerrian melody video premier

Bukwild Da Ikwerrian’s “Melody Video Premier” event was successful, the likes of Hypeman Jerry and Rapper Onyx (Ede Crooner) made sure everyone was electrified.

Rapper Onyx who also performed took to Facebook to post

What bro bukwild d ikwerrian told me after performing at his event thought me something deep, he hugged me and said “onyx why do you look small in pictures but you are tall like this? I laughed, he hugged me virtually 5 times for the electrifying performance i delivered and turned the whole place up. I never knew that he knows onyx, i thought he hasn’t heard of me before so i went to humbly introduce myself and he said that.

Later it was the turn of the singer who performed his new song “Melody” and gave of a taste of why he is known as Bukwild

The event was held last weekend at Eddy’s wine bar in port harcourt and it sure lived up to expectation.

Photo credit : shuttersstudio, amiraclepictures

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