Owner of Popular club in Port Harcourt rides bike from Port Harcourt to Abidjan.

​Unlike Europeans who have been know to embark on Adventurous journeys, Nigerians were not known for such but in recent times Nigerians have been proving to the world that they can also embark on such.

One of such Nigerian is Mr Sofiyea Moses. Owner of Kelly’s club, one of the Popular clubs in Port Harcourt. Few weeks ago, he embarked on an adventure few people will dare. Mr Sofiyea who is also a member of the bikers Association took to instagram to share his trip he took to Abidjan, the Economic Capital of Ivory Coast. A Trip he made on a Power Bike.

The Distance from Port Harcourt to Abidjan is 761 miles (1224km). He crossed three countries (Benin, Togo and Ghana) to accomplish it.

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