Nigerian airline boss and Billionaire was spotted riding a motorcycle to his farm in Kano

In today Nigeria it is very difficult to see a rich man riding a motorcycle talk more of a Billionaire, but a picture has been going viral in the internet cos of this.

The CEO of Azman Group who also owns Nigerian airline Azman Air Services Mr Absulmunaf Yunusa Sarina was spotted riding a motorcycle.

Pictures shows the Kano born Billionaire President & CEO of Azman Group, Alhaji Abdulmunaf Yunusa Sarina riding himself on a motorcycle to his Farm.

According to source instead of driving a vehicle to his Farm located in Kano, the billionaire opted for a motorcycle  and someone tweeted about it.

Musa tweeted: “The Kano tycoon Alhaji Abdulmunafi Y. Sarina CEO Amzan Air on his bike en route his farm. #FarmingOurPride”

Azman Group owns the following companies: 

(1)Azman Air Services Limited which has 4 Boeing Aircrafts in its fleet.

(2) Azman Oil & Gas Limited which owns over 50 filling stations across Nigeria.

(3) Azman Tranports with over 200 Fuel Tanker Trucks in its fleet. (Azman Transports is one of the major Transporters for Total Nigeria Plc).

Abdulmunaf Yunusa Sarina established Azman Air Services in 2010.

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