Manchester United tops Real Madrid as most Valuable club while 6 English club makes top 10.

For the first time in 5 years Manchester United has overtaken 2016/2017 Champions league winners Real Madrid to claim Number one spot as the most valuable football club in the world. According to Forbes Magazine, Manchester United is worth $3.69 billion ahead of Barcelona and Real Madrid.

Barcelona came in second with a value of $3.64 billion with Read Madrid who were ranked Number one in the past four year are now occupying the 3rd position with a Value of $3.58 billion.

Mike Ozanian, assistant managing editor at Forbes Media, said: “Manchester United’s return to the top spot is a testament to their powerful brand and marketing acumen.”
United generated revenues of $765 million during the 2015-16 season, according to Forbes, $77 million more than both Barcelona and Madrid.

They are also the most profitable club, posting operating income of $288 million — $107 million more than second-placed Madrid.

They currently have 26 global sponsorship deals, including with Adidas, Chevrolet, 20th Century Fox and Uber, as well as 10 regional sponsorship deals and 28 other media and financial sponsors.

English teams dominated the top ten with Premier League top 6 clubs making the cut.

Top 10 list.

1. Manchester United (Premier League) – Valuation: $3.69 billion

2. FC Barcelona (La Liga) – Valuation: $3.64 billion

3. Real Madrid (La Liga) – Valuation: $3.58 billion

4. Bayern Munich (Bundesliga) – Valuation: $2.71 billion

5. Manchester City (Premier League) – Valuation: $2.08 billion

6. Arsenal (Premier League) – Valuation: $1.93 billion

7. Chelsea (Premier League) – Valuation: $1.85 billion

8. Liverpool (Premier League) – Valuation: $1.49 billion

9. Juventus (Serie A) – Valuation: $1.26 billion

10. Tottenham Hotspur (Premier League) – Valuation: $1.06 billion

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