Bayelsa Vigilante apprehends Man and 3 Women who sell Vulture meat as Chicken in Yenagoa.

The Bayelsa State Vigilante has apprehended a man and 3 women who sells Vulture meat to the general public as chicken.

According to Bodmasnewsblog, the man who refused to disclose his name was caught by the Bayelsa State Vigilante Network led by Comr. Bunas Samuel michael.

According to one of the Vigilante commander, Godwin Avidi, the man was apprehended at exactly 11:43pm on Wednesday 30th August at the popular slaughter place, at Tombia Market, Etegwe Yenagoa.

As of how he was Caught, Vigilante Commander Godwin said, his patrol team team observe suspicious movement at the slaughter part of the market. When they got there they saw the man with about 30 dead vultures ready to be put inside boiling water.

According to Godwin, The man confessed that he uses dead meat bones to attract the vultures and then uses chemicals to kill them, and he has been in this business for years, selling them to market women and chicken traders at Major markets and chicken sales point.

He has been handed over to men of the Akenfa Division, Bayelsa Police command.
Also, three other women named Doris, finegirl, and beauty, hails from Ughelli community, in Delta state, were apprehended a day later for engaging in similar act.

They confessed selling Vulture meat and carcasses of donkeys to unsuspecting buyers. According to them, they buy meat from other states and sell them cheap to owners of restaurants, canteens and bars.

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