Meet Johnson Peters, the Nigerian who won BDBK German Natural Bodybuilding competition.

So many Nigerian have gone to Facebook to Congratulate a man who goes the Facebook Name John Henry GP for winning the BDBK German Natural Bodybuilding competition. 

Out of curiosity we decided to dig deep. We used facebook to call him and he told us one or two thing about himself.

Here are 6 things we found out about him;

1. His name is Johnson Peters and he is from Rivers State. His parents also live in Port Harcourt.

2. Before moving to Germany he stayed in Spain for 11 years where he did odd jobs to survive. 

3. According to him, his stay in Spain was difficult. In his words he said “when you hear of Europe you think things will be easy there but its not easy. I had to work very hard to survive. I also had to endure Racism”

4. He moved to Germany 5 years ago where he started Body Building.

5. He trains his Body without Steriods, its all natural. thats why the competition he won is called German Natural Bodybuilding competition 

6. He is hoping to come to Nigerian for this year Christman but if he fails then it will be 2018 Easter Holiday.

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